Nighttime Soul-Pop

Nocturnal soul vibes with GLYC 🌌

For our latest artist pack we’re taking you on a rainy, chilled-out tour of a sleeping city: GLYC will be our guide for tonight, so dive in and get ready to be entranced!

Hailing from the tin-covered rooftops of Paris, GLYC is the musical alias of French producer Guillaume Gosselin. In the cat-guarded confines of his small apartment he crafts deeply enveloping, soulful tunes at the crossroads of pop, jazz and soul. While often unplugged when playing live, for this pack he marries those acoustic guitar lines, saxophone hints and grainy vocal harmonies with touches of lo-fi production: dusty drums, old Rhodes and warbly synth lines complement this late-night atmosphere perfectly.

If you’re on the lookout for a truly mellow, gently soothing set of loops to play with, then tap the download button to discover GLYC’s unique vision, and for more check out our previous artist packs with Tom Leclerc and Chalk Dinosaur!

Available on Remixlive!
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