Hazy Trap

Halfway between Cloud Rap and the heavy beats of Trap, comes this new Hazy Trap pack: explore the murky spaces that lie within!

With its moody, subtle synth pads and reversed lead melodies, backwards vocal hits and distant heavy breathing, there is something subtly spooky about this pack. It invites you to look deep within, and consider the shadowy figures in trap instrumentals. Its thin and elegant melodic loops are backed up by clean and satisfyingly heavy (and heady) beats well-worthy of your best bars.

Want something new, refreshing and intriguing in your trap? Then make sure to tap the download button, and check out our other packs Alternative Hip-Hop and Atmospheric Trap for more leftfield hip-hop takes!

Photograph by Elti Meshau – @eltigraphy

Available on Remixlive!
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