Industrial Hip-Hop

Gritty underground hip-hop stylings ⛓️

Maximalist, in-your-face and abrasive, this new Industrial Hip-Hop pack brings the sound of avant-garde noisy hip-hop artists and bands to Remixlive to make your own gritty bangers.

Sirens at the ready and distorted basses await you, while saturated and modulated synths ring out abstract and murky melodies. The whole pack projects a menacing yet inventive vibe that keeps you on your toes the whole time. Lines oscillate between tension and all-out assault, never letting the pressure drop one bit. For fans of Ho99o9, Death Grips and clipping. this is a great opportunity to play with these sounds.

So if you feel like thrashing the neighborhood, smash that download button, and for more unique hip-hop flavors check out our recent Alternative Hip-Hop and Raw Hip-Hop packs…

Photograph by Davide Zacchello – @zach_dee_

Available on Remixlive!
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