Jazz Rap

Crate diggers' delight! 🌃

Blending the new vanguard of the genre like J Cole, with the classics of the style like De La Soul, our brand new Jazz Rap sample pack has all you need for a trip downtown, full of smokey grooves and slick riffs.

True chilled out grooves await you in this pack, featuring emblematic tropes of the genre: smooth bass, prominent melodic lines, and a downtown feel. The 48 loops and one shots will sound familiar to anyone who has ever enjoyed the style, and will give you that feel of sifting through vinyl crates at the local record store, sampling obscure records, looking for the killer snippet that will elevate your beat from nice to stellar. All the loops are expertly crafted to give you all you need for your next smooth banger.

So take it away and use the pack as a jumping board to create your next smokey beat, and if you enjoyed it, make sure to take a listen to our East Coast Hip-Hop and Boom Bap packs!

Available on Remixlive!
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