Laser Disc - Chalk Sonics

Visions from a 1986 future 🌈

Retro specialists Chalk Sonics are back with a bang on their powerfully nostalgic new pack: get ready for the dazzling sounds of Laser Disc ✨

Recalling a time where the hottest new fashion trend was shoulder pads, and VHS rental stores were a booming business, this pack flits between stadium-sized gated drums and sugary rainbow melodies backed by larger-than-life bassline melodies fit for the most epic training montage this side of Rocky.

Feel like diving head-first into a wireframe city-sized PCB? Then this pack is for you… and for more, check out Chalk Sonics’ previous Remixlive-exclusive masterpieces Neon Dawn and Miami Wave!

Available on Remixlive!
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