Lounge Hip-Hop - BFractal Music

Step into this private loft 🍸

Regular studio contributor BFractal Music are back with a surprising twist on the hip-hop genre: you’re invited to the VIP area for this smoooooth pack 🫧

Lounge Hip-Hop features rap instrumentals of a flavor we haven’t often seen in the Remixlive library: taking direct cues from the new jack swing and r&b-infused hip-hop of the mid-1990s, it uses them to create a mood akin to a smoky penthouse lounge bar. The instrumentation reinforces this, between the wispy piano melodies, “rompler sax” lines and chilled out chords, to give an intoxicating atmosphere.

So if you’ve been looking for a hip-hop pack with a gently mellow vibe, then do yourself a favor and tap the download button, and for more unusual hip-hop check our Electro Boom Bap and Twisted Hip-Hop packs!

Photograph by Ambitious Studio* (Rick Barrett) – @weareambitious

Available on Remixlive!
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