Lowkey Afro House

Moody smoky groovy house 🌫️

With its enticing vibey synth grooves, varied instrumentation and vast array of percussion, this deep colorful house pack offers a unique experience!

Somber and melancholic without sounding sad or grey, Lowkey Afro House is a subtle and groovy affair, buoyed along by its focus on deep rolling synth basslines and round bass-heavy kick drums. Pointillist acoustic percussion and instruments (from guitar to flute), hypnotic vocal hits, syncopated rhythms, and retro-leaning analog synths complete the picture of this unconventional party pack.

If you feel like adding a touch of creative color to your latest house set, then check out this pack by tapping the download button below, and for more understated house sounds take a listen to our previous Aerial House and Microhouse packs!

Photograph by Chuks Ugwuh – @cugwuh

Available on Remixlive!
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