Open up the pit 🤘

Remixlive is proud to present its first 100% pure Metal sample pack dedicated to all the fans of heavy music, circle pits, blast beats and brutal riffs! Produced by the talented french producer Adrien Gonzales, this sample pack inspired by the biggest names in the game such as Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Machine Head and Trivium among others is what you need to start your first Metal band and tour the world!

Discover a set of 48 loops including an epic fist-pumping intro, metalcore heavy riffs, an even more epic and melodic chorus and of course: blast beats! The guitars are heavy, the drums are even heavier, what's not to like about this sample pack except the fact that your neighbours might come knocking at your door? A set of 48 one-shots is also available for you to start composing your own metal drum beats and guitar riffs before you add them all on the timeline to produce your very first full-fledged Metal track!

Available on Remixlive!
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