Miami Wave

Catch the wave, Miami retro style 🌊

From returning producer studio Chalk Sonics we have a new pack engineered for maximum impact on retro synth lovers: this is Miami Wave!

Inspired by the atmosphere of shows like Miami Vice, the sloshed-down grooves of sample-heavy vaporwave, and the neon psychedelia stylings of Hotline Miami, this pack has all the elements to please the 1980s synth lovers! With its fluttering arpeggios, heavy PCM drum machine rhythms, and wobbly leads and pads, all that’s missing is the pink wireframe road and the acid palm trees and you’ll be all set…

If you’re ready to be bathed in soft neon lights, hit the download button now, and for more 1980s goodness check out Chalk Sonics’ previous Remixlive offerings Palmtree Wave and Retro Synth!

Original artwork by Chalk Sonics

Available on Remixlive!
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