Mid Tempo EDM - Abstract State

More heavy clanging beats 🦾

Inspired by the current mid tempo trends and titans of the genre like Deadmau5 and Rezz, Abstract State put their heady spin on the EDM zeitgeist with this boisterous new pack!

Featured at a slower tempo than the faster siblings of the style, the pace of Mid Tempo EDM allows space for the crittering scuttling synths to express their array of textures, and brings evermore emphasis on the gigantic kick drums and snares that hit like a ton of bricks on the dancefloor. Computerized cybernetics-enhanced pads and lead synths compete for attention with pulpy vocal hooks, in a decidedly 2077-sounding aesthetic.

Hop into the neon-lit suspended glass clubroom by tapping the download button below, and for more dance-ready heaviness check our previous Groove Techno and Strobe Bass packs!

Photograph by Leyre – @leyy

Available on Remixlive!
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