Neon Dawn

Cruise on this neon-lit road 🚘

Chalk Sonics are back and shinier than ever with another retro synth throwback banger of a pack, the early morning sunlit road of Neon Dawn!

True to form for the studio, this is an evocative and atmospheric slow burner, full of characteristic warm synth leads, plucky arpeggios and Linndrum sequences drenched in reverb. Neon Dawn stands out in that it evokes the feelings of driving while the sun is just nascent, barely over the horizon line, and everything is coated in a slight orange glow, while the city sleeps in the distance.

So tap that download button if you feel ready for a true-to-form synth odyssey, and for more 1980s goodness check out Chalk Sonics’ other Remixlive exclusives Miami Wave and Retro Synth!

Available on Remixlive!
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