Octane Techno - Abstract State

Going 777mph into the tunnel 🏎️

Hypnotic heady techno specialists Abstract State present a new facet of their hyper-effective style in this high-speed chase sequence called Octane Techno!

The base elements of the pack are best exemplified in the edged drums and stomping kicks, that lay the groundwork for parched leads and frostbitten washes of distant noisy ambiance providing scope and levity to an otherwise relentless, forceful rush-jolt of adrenaline and speed. The whole pack provides that sensation of tunnel vision, and recalls the moment when the dizzying blaring neon lights of an interstate turn into effervescent flashing lines of color.

Fasten your heart and your seatbelt and slam the Download pedal for a speedy techno boost, and for more check out our previous Powerline Techno and Maze Techno packs!

Photograph by Bradley Jasper Ybanez – @bradskidley

Available on Remixlive!
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