Palmtree Wave - Chalk Sonics

Catch the wave with this retro-future pack 🌴

For their first Remixlive pack, Pittsburgh-based studio Chalk Sonics offer up a unique blend of the 1980s stylings of vaporwave, synthwave and future funk: this is Palmtree Wave!

Chalk Sonics describe the pack as "emotionally deep, mixing dark and mysterious moods with an uplifting energy. Sonically diverse, combining tight punchy rhythms with spacey melodics." We couldn't agree more: glistening synths, colorful basslines and driving rhythms await within the 48 loops and one shots of this amazing pack.

So fire up the Testarossa, it's time for a ride to the purple and pink sunset! And for more 1980s synth, check out our Vaporwave and Dark Synthwave packs!

Available on Remixlive!
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