When minimal goes microscopic 🔬

Engineering Samples are back to Remixlive with a unique throwback sample pack mixing turn-of-the-century abstract techno and minimal techno with a unique twist: meet Particles!

Blending the minimal house-adjacent stylings of Ricardo Villalobos and the abstract techno rhythmic constructions of Thomas Brinkmann, Particles is both a throwback to early 2000s dance music tropes and a forward-thinking exercise in sound design: clicky percussion and sub-heavy bass encounter hopping organ rhythms and vocodered phonemes for a hypnotic result that artfully brings together its seemingly heterogenous elements.

If you feel like getting inspired by pointillist club music, tap the download button here, and for more uncanny beats check out our Microhouse and Angular IDM packs!

Photograph by Kunj Parekh – @kunjparekh

Available on Remixlive!
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