Polygon Drum & Bass

Get ready for a low-poly blast 👾

Inspired by the stylings of late-1990s drum & bass found in video games of the time, this Polygon Drum & Bass pack expresses that zeitgeist in bold technicolor!

Building on the staples of low-res textures, dizzying arpeggios, crunchy bitcrushed bass sounds and clattering drums, the 48 loops and one-shots of this pack recall the height of the 32-bit era, when both jungle and drum & bass were hitting the mainstream and you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a bubblegum-colored crop-top or pair of oversized jeans. Special attention has been given to replicating the low-bit textures and vintage feel of these airy bangers…

So don your giant yellow rollerblades and neon green jumpsuit and get ready to hit the streets in style by smashing the download button below, and for more of these nineties vibe check out our previous Techstep DnB and Angular IDM packs!

Original artwork by Sufyan – @blenderdesigner_1688

Available on Remixlive!
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