Pop Punk

Pop Punk bangers inspired by Blink 182 🎸

Wake up the teenager within you, we have a Pop Punk sample pack for you! Who would have thought that 20 years later, the genre would still be alive and well? Well it is my friend, Pop Punk is still thriving and for that, we had to bring you the best tools to produce your own skaterboy bangers! Produced by the talented french producer Bastien Renon, this sample pack is a tribute to both the genre's pioneers Blink 182, and the pop superstar who somehow made this glorious comeback of the genre possible, Machine Gun Kelly. Let's dive into it!

Get your hands over 48 loops including carefully written and recorded drum beats inspired by the one and only Travis Barker, fun yet emotional bass & guitar riffs, dope production sound effects and background synths to top it off. The sample pack also comes with 48 one-shots that allows you to finger-drum and compose your own Pop Punk beats & melodies on the sequencer. Ready to write a hit? Bring it all together on the Song mode's timeline!

Available on Remixlive!
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