Powerline Techno - Abstract State

Electrify your techno sets ⚡️

Satiate your rave crave with the brand new pack from newcomer studio Abstract State, a fuzzy, high-tension electronic workout we call Powerline Techno!

The recipe for this pack is a straightforward but highly effective one: deep steady kick drums and pressurized undulating bass serve as the framework for a meshed network of frenzied cyberized arpeggiators that pulse and dance over the unending rhythms. The palette is decidedly modern with nods to the 1990s rave classics, rousing drums and magnetic grooves that will keep the audience on their toes.

If you’re in need of ultra-effective building blocks for your next mesmerizing techno set, then make sure to give this one a go by tapping the download button below, and for more in this vein check out our previous Maze Techno and Groove Techno packs!

Photograph by Vladimir Kudinov – @madbyte

Available on Remixlive!
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