Pressure Techno

Techno to amp up the pressure 🌪️

We're happy to introduce to Remixlive the work of a new studio for us: BFractal Music make an impressive debut with their Pressure Techno pack, a Berlin-style heavy romp…

Full of heavy rhythms, heady basslines and infectious melodic hooks, ghostly vocals and driving percussion, this pack is the perfect DJ tool to keep the pressure on and keep a mix going. The 48 loops and one-shots contained within have all you need to keep the dancefloor going and have a great balance between more aerial moments and heavier passages.

So peak-time lovers, you should get ready to tap the button to get this pack! And for more heavy techno goodness check out our 1AM Techno and Peak Time Techno packs!

Original artwork by Rick Rothenberg – @rrothenb

Available on Remixlive!
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