Retro Synth - Chalk Sonics

Blast from the past, straight from your VCR 📼

Cruising along a neon wireframe road in a bright red Testarossa comes this eighties-tastic second offering from Pittsburgh, PA-based studio Chalk Sonics: hop in!

True to its name, this Retro Synth pack offers everything you might expect: Linndrum rhythms underpinning analog synth basses, fluttering arpeggios, shimmering and scintillating synths, all at a pace perfect for driving around the California coast on a warm summer day. The main draw here is Chalk Sonics’ impeccable production and sense of style, that brings with it true eighties flair and pristine sound design.

So put your sunglasses on and tap the download button to get transported back in time, and for more retro goodness check out Chalk Sonics’ own Palmtree Wave pack, and our Synth Pop pack!

Available on Remixlive!
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