Timeout House

Time out, take 4/4 🕺🌴

Insynk Collective are out to give you good vibes tonight, with this pack full of sunny vibes and ready for the spring. Take a break with Timeout House!

The foundational blocks of this pack are well-trodden staples of classic house music: funky bass and glistening guitar licks, slick melodies with a downtown twist, and snappy drums that latch in place with a satisfying click. The deep house influence is felt in the fleeting vocal cuts and distant whirlwind of smoky pads and harmonic backdrops, bringing a sunny afterglow to the party ambiance.

Smooth house is always a winner in our books, so if you’re in that New York-by-way-of-tropical island vibe then tap that download button, and for more chill vibes make sure to check our previous Funk Garage and Aerial House packs!

Photograph by Galen Crout – @galen_crout

Available on Remixlive!
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