Tribal Techno

Explore uncharted sonic lands! 🌋

Embark on an adventure that should lead you to the distant and unexplored sonic territories of Tribal Techno. With rich textures, tribal rhythms, mesmerizing pads and mind-bending sound effects, this sample pack includes everything you need to start producing your very own Tribal Techno tracks!

Perform live with 48 loops and 48 one-shots, ready to be launched, mixed and finger-drum for the greatest pleasure of your audience! And for the beatmakers, try composing beats on the sequencer using all 48 one-shots including drums, bass synths, arpeggiators, pads, vocals and more! Finally for the songwriters, assemble them all on the Song mode's timeline to create an absolute banger!

Hit the download button now and don't forget to check out our other related sample packs such as Tribal House, Arabic Trance, Oriental Techno and many others!

Available on Remixlive!
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