Twisted Hip-Hop

Killer and off-kilter beats meet 🕸️

Inspired by a new wave of producers eager to blend harder, edgier sounds with the stylings of modern hip-hop, this Twisted Hip-Hop pack is captivating 🚧

While its sounds can easily slot into a straightforward hip-hop beat, the general vibe of the pack is a mix between combative and intoxicating, its massive shattered 808 hits and jagged basslines complemented by cold and sharp snares and hats and icy synths straight out of backrooms. The liminal space extends to the eerie vocal hits and gives it a strangely detached sheen, contrasted beautifully by the distorted leads.

If you feel like taking a walk on the dangerous side of hip-hop, then tap the download button, and make sure to also check out our previous Drift Trap and Jersey Drill packs!

Photograph by Nick Bolton – @rainandcinder

Available on Remixlive!
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