Large & High-quality Type Beats

Royalty-free type beat collection, with high-quality samples and stems created by top sound designers.

+50 beats inspired by top artists.
And more to come!


Rap over exclusive content

Type beats inspired by top hip-hop and pop artists around the world. Unique & exclusive type beats collection.
Record your voice and add effects like auto tune

Auto tune & voice FX

Record your voice with real-time audio effects that include a pro auto voice tune, pitch control, reverb and compressor effects.

The voice record will process with an auto level gain to get the best mix with the type beat. An auto limiter will remove any record saturation problems.

The record level can also be set manually.


Mix your track

Tweak your performance with the stems high-quality packs.

Stems files with extensive control over the instrumentals: mute or change the volume of the different elements of the track (drums, bass line, synths…)