Tom Leclerc and Remixlive present a new live set shot by the sea

Tom Leclerc x Remixlive: Discover the New Video Collaboration

An aquatic soundscape

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration between the renowned French composer Tom Leclerc and the innovative Remixlive app. Tom Leclerc, a celebrated improviser and composer of contemporary music, brings his unique ambient, minimalist, and impressionist electronic music to life in a stunning new video.

Who is Tom Leclerc?

Tom Leclerc is a master of creating meditative soundscapes that transport listeners to serene, natural settings. A classically trained pianist, Tom has expanded his musical repertoire to include synthesizers and modular setups, allowing him to craft deeply immersive auditory experiences. His work often involves performing in unique, nature-inspired locations, earning him the nickname "ambient hiker."

With a profound connection to nature, Tom's music is filled with repetitive, hypnotizing melodies that soothe the soul. His recent album, "On The Leaves," was performed and recorded in the tranquil forests of Cantal, France, exemplifying his commitment to blending music with the natural world.

The Video: Remixlive x Tom Leclerc

In this captivating video, Tom Leclerc takes his ambient music to new heights by integrating his unique Remixlive sound pack. Filmed in a picturesque coastal setting, the performance beautifully marries digital and analog elements, creating a soundscape where the gentle waves seem to merge seamlessly with Tom's intricate melodies.

Tom's enthusiasm for the Remixlive app is evident in his words: "I really enjoyed working with Remixlive. I was able to create a small soundscape by combining the sounds of my synthesizers and my field recordings. The app makes it very easy to create your own sound universes and push them to their limits. I am very happy to share my secret garden with all Remixlive users."

This exclusive performance showcases the versatility of the Remixlive app and Tom's exceptional talent for creating atmospheric music. The video invites viewers to soak in the aquatic ambiance, offering a serene escape through sound.

Experience Tom Leclerc's Soundpack on Remixlive

Tom Leclerc's custom sound pack for Remixlive is now available, allowing users to explore and create their own immersive soundscapes. Whether you're an aspiring musician or an experienced producer, the Remixlive app provides all the tools you need to craft your own live sets and push the boundaries of your creativity.

Check out Tom Leclerc's own pack for Remixlive here.

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