Mixvibes Artists

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Guilty Simpson

(Stones Throw Records)

“Great software that I recommend to anyone!!

Software being user friendly is very important to me because I’m just starting out and Cross DJ and Remixlive both fit the bill! I’m very thankful for this amazing product”


“I have been using Cross DJ on stage for well over ten years. It’s a very reliable software, and helps me grow my skills as a DJ […]. Thanks Mixvibes!”

Tido Berman


Cross DJ is an easily accessible software that I use to remix tracks I love when performing in clubs!


“I integrated Remixlive to my DJ sets and it offers a lot of creative potential. I would suggest Remixlive to any artist out there, because it’s very simple, you can create a lot of fun and inspiring things!”

Sisko Electrofanatik

“Great idea and funny app ! Easy and very interesting for who use the techno pack! Only Bombs!”

Dj Oil

(The Troublemakers, R&S, Blue Note, BBE)

“Cross DJ is very instinctive and provides a great track incrementation…it allows flawless creativity without losing sight of your mix. I suggest any DJ to give Cross DJ a try!”

Dorian Parano

“8/10 great pack from T78, it gives quick results for high techno production. I loved playing with it”


“I have been using Cross DJ as a visual performer since 2011 on a daily basis. It’s a robust and reliable piece of software, […] I can manage over a thousand video loops during a VJ set without any bugs or crashes.”